Video (1960’s)

This video was provided by the Clanahan family.  Carl Clanahan lived on Bobolink Place in then Audubon Park Apartments.  The footage is a bit rough in spots, but it shows the area of Eager Road and Brentwood Blvd in the early 1960’s.

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We Need Your Help

In 2019, Brentwood will celebrate 100 years! The Brentwood Historical Society is planning to put together a publication outlining the history of our town. Over the years we have gathered stories, memories, pictures and newspaper articles.

One of the great things about Brentwood is we have many families who have lived here for several generations. We also have families who have moved, but still have a connection to our town through friends, family and BHS alumni.

Our mission for 2017 is to collect as much information about the history of Brentwood as we can. To make that happen, we need your help. Here is our wish list:
• Two of the most important figures in the beginning of Brentwood were Louis Bompart and Thomas Madden. We have very little information about these men and their families. If you are an extended family member, or may know those that are, please contact us.
• Are you related to early Brentwood residents? Do you have stories, recollections or pictures from the past?
• Memorabilia. Old City of Brentwood correspondence, newspaper articles, maps, or pictures of Brentwood.
• Did I mention pictures? Nothing captures the sense of what Brentwood used to be like photographs.

We don’t need the original. A copy, or better yet, a scan of the picture or document will work just fine.

If you can help us in any way, here is our contact information:
Brentwood Historical Society, 8754 Rosalie Ave., Brentwood, MO 63144


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Christmas – 1929


Christmas celebration for the kids in Brentwood in front of City Hall. (circa 1929)  City Hall was located in the 2800 block of Brentwood Blvd., south of Manchester Road, on the west side of the street.

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City Hall Contract – Jan 1935


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2509 Cecelia Avenue


This home was torn down recently.  It was built in 1940.

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Streetcars in Brentwood – Jan 1949






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Class of 1966 – 50 Years













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3rd Weekend in September


Welcome home to all Brentwood High School reunions this weekend.

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101 Years Ago


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Maddenville Shooting – 1899



The Sheriff’s officers were greatly surprised last Sunday afternoon when a young man walked into Clayton and surrendered to them, acknowledging that he had killed Grant Boyd, at Maddenville a short while before. The young man’s name was Thomas White, and he has always borne a good reputation.

In telling Deputy Sheriff Albert Autenrieth of the occurrence, he said Boyd had been after him for some time, and when they met in front of Madden’s saloon that morning and Boyd put his hand in his pocket, he (White) drew his gun and fired four bullets into him as rapidly as the gun could be discharged. Mr. Autenrieth knew White, and believed his story, and after ordering the jailer to lock him up, boarded a car and went to the scene of the shooting and found the statement true with the exception that Boyd was still alive.

After the shooting, Boyd was taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. Fannie Key, where Drs. Bristol and Armstrong of Webster Groves located his wounds. Two bullets passed through his left thigh, one entered his left side, lodging near the spinal column, and the other shattered the bones in his left wrist. The Doctors extracted the bullet from his back and dressed the wounds, which they considered dangerous.

From an eyewitness of the affair we learn that White was talking to some friends in front of Thomas Madden’s saloon when Boyd and Day Turner walked up. White drew a revolver and began to fire, walking toward Boyd at the same time. Boyd also walked toward White, stepping slowly and throwing up his arms each time a shot was fired. They were within a few feet of each other when the weapon was emptied and White threw it away and ran. Boyd followed close upon him. They passed through the saloon, and Boyd seized a beer bottle, with which he attempted to strike White. White, however, kept out of reach until Boyd gave up the chase.

Jealousy and a previous altercation caused the shooting. Grant Boyd and his brother Will and Thomas White all seem to have been infatuated with the same girl. Two weeks ago Grant Boyd and the girl quarreled and then followed the serious cutting of Will Boyd, who acted as peacemaker. The quarrel was taken up the next day by White, who received rough treatment at the hands of the Boyd’s. They did not meet again until Sunday.

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