Family Stories – It’s Never Too Late

In the next few weeks, many will gather with family for the holidays. Probably not as big a group as usual. Please take time during your visits to listen to stories. Put the phone down, mute the game on the TV, and let your parents or grandparents tell you family stories… and listen.

I started working on my family history years ago, unfortunately, after my grandparents had passed. It was a challenge trying to remember their stories about our ancestors. If I just taken the time to write some things down or ask more questions.

The Brentwood Historical Society is always interested in hearing stories about our town, especially when they come with a picture, like the story of the Carpenter family in our recent post. If your family has stories or pictures to share, please contact us at:

Carpenter Family

John Carpenter, and his wife Elizabeth, came to the United States from England in 1871. John was a miner at a clay mine in St Louis. They had eleven kids, seven survived into adulthood. Sometime after 1900, they moved to Brentwood. They lived at 8214 Manchester Road. Around 1920, their son John, and his wife Minnie, bought a house at 2502 Louis Avenue. They lived in the Louis house for many years.

The picture above, one of the oldest we have, was taken in the early 1900’s. The caption says it is the Louis Avenue house, but it is likely the Manchester Road home. Both houses are gone. The picture shows John Sr. and Elizabeth with three of their sons, their wives, and grandkids. The older woman in the black dress is probably Elizabeth’s mother. John Sr. and several of the boys worked the clay mines in St Louis city.

Elizabeth died at the Manchester Road house in 1912. John Sr. died in 1929. They are both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.

North and South Road – 1934

North and South Road (Brentwood Blvd) at Rosalie Avenue, looking north. The house on the right is located near present day Starbucks.
North and South Road at Rosalie Avenue looking south. City Hall had not been built.

Brentwood Blvd at Eager Road (1955)

Brentwood Blvd at Eager Road (1955)

Found this picture online today. In 1955, Highway 40 ended at Brentwood Blvd. Cars exited onto Eager Road. In this picture, the houses on the top are in the Evans-Howard neighborhood, today the home of the Promenade.

Someone online remarked, “None of the buildings in this picture are still here today”. That is correct.

Dr. Isaac Shelby Warren

Isaac Warren was born in Danville, Kentucky in 1818. He received a medical degree from Transylvania University and moved to Dover, Missouri, where he began a medical practice. He was very busy during the Civil War. As an ardent Southern sympathizer, he encountered a lot of push back from the locals. He abandoned the medical field, and moved to St Louis.

He joined a law firm in St Louis in 1864. They became very successful. Dr. Warren acquired property in several areas in St Louis County. He owned a large tract of land in what is now Brentwood. The boundaries of his property were North and South Road (Brentwood Blvd.) on the east, Lay Road (Bremerton Road) on the west, Manchester Road on the south, and Warren Avenue (Litzsinger Rd.) on the north. This area today is called Warren Place Subdivision.

He built a large home in the area of current day Powell Avenue.

In the late 1800’s, this house was abandoned. It was a favorite place for the kids to explore and was said to be haunted. It was demolished around 1910.

Isaac, and his wife Anne, were the subject of the society pages for many years. It is likely his real estate had brought an impressive income to the Warren family.

Isaac and Emily had six children. Fannie, Guy, Thomas, Aubrey, B. Thomas and Annalee. His daughter Annalee, the namesake of the street in Warren Place subdivision. His son Thomas’s wife was named Madge, the namesake of Madge Avenue, which intersects Annalee Avenue in Brentwood.

Dr. Warren died in 1889. He lived in Kirkwood at the time of his death. He is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Florence Bompart

Florence Bompart 653

Florence Cecelia Hill was born 14 July 1873 in St Louis.  She married Louis Bompart in 1897.  He had fell in love with her after hearing her sing at a Mass at Holy Redeemer in Webster Groves.  They lived at the Bompart homestead at 8701 Manchester Road.  They had five children: Louis Joseph, Cecelia Florence, Helen Genevieve, Ruth Mary, and Dorothy.  Another son, John, was adopted.

As you may notice, many of the streets in the area owned by the Bompart family, are named after these kids.

Florence Bompart died 7 Aug 1940.  She was 67 years old.  She is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Florence Bompart Grave