Brentwood Theatre – March 1942

The_St__Louis_Star_and_Times_Fri__Mar_20__1942_ (1)

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8318 Manchester

Herold and Dougherty House 050

This building at 8318 Manchester Road was demolished this week.  In the last few years, it was owned by the City of Brentwood.  The Street Department occupies the rest of the property.

It was built in 1917.  For many years, it was home to Herold Grocery, and later Herold Sports Shop.  It was owned by Ed and Lillian Herold.  Before the City purchased the building, it was home to Luttrell Upholstery.

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Kleisly Purchases Drug Store – 1953

Scope 1953 Kliesley's

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Tom Boy Market – 2428 Brentwood Blvd.

Tom Boy Store 2428 brentwood

This building was built in 1940.  It has been many versions of small markets over the years.  In the 1970’s, it became Alexi’s Greek Restaurant, and later Ali Baba’s.  It is currently home to Hunan Wok.

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Gualdoni’s – 2241 Brentwood Blvd.

Gualdoni's Market4Gualdoni Foods 289

Gualdoni’s Market was one of the original tenants in this building which was built in the late 1930’s.  Someone with knowledge of cars could help date the photo.  I believe it is late 1930’s or early 1940’s.

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Nu Life Cleaners – 8818 Manchester

Nu Life Cleaners  8818 Manchester

Located on Manchester Road, just east of Collier Ave.  Anyone remember this place?

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Smitty’s Shell Station – 1942

Smitty's Shell Station 1942 001

Smitty’s Shell station on the northwest corner of Manchester Road at Brentwood Blvd. (1942)

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poschs_0001 poschs_0002

Anyone have memories of Posch’s?

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Brentwood Theatre

Brentwood Theater 001

Brentwood Theatre (circa 1946-47)

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Hounsom’s – 8825 Manchester

Rexall Drug Store 897
After this building was the Brentwood Bank, it became Hounsom’s Drug store. A second floor had been added. Anyone remember Hounsom’s?

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