BHS Class of 1949 (Part Four)

Top Row (left to right): Celeste Lowe and Bill Mayer.  Second Row: Zora McCann and Jocelyn Millner.  Third Row: Joy Pectol and Gloria Reber.  Fourth Row: Marlene Scharf and Roberta Scholin.  Bottom Row: Marlene Sitze and Joan Smith.

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BHS Football Team – 1953

Front Row (left to right) Eddie Burns, Joe Stark.  Second Row: Coach John Lauer, Bob Cooper, Judson Jessen, Spencer Staples, Nip Litzsinger, Carlo Schweer, Mickey Davenport, Eddie McWilliams, Dave Keller, France Langan, Coach Ralph Scott.  Third Row: Norman Frossard, Ted Houston, George Kenney, Bud Stark, Ray Booker, Dick Pippert, Ron Seeger, Harold Mitchell, Dave Hahn, Corky Dederick, Farrell Mayhall.  Fourth Row: Frank Hartung, Gordon Swor, Richard Zingre, George Light, Tom White, Arthur Obrock, Richard Blunt.

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BHS – Debate Team – 1963

Left to right: Reece Forbes, Roger Drieke, Steve Dorn, Bill Armbruster, Grettie Stimson, Bill Ernest, Joe Sadowsky, Craig Chaudron, Annette Seigel, Scott Marshall, Alana Heilig, Kathy Heib.  No debate, the white socks are stylin’.

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BHS Seniors – 1949 (Part Three)


Top Row: Jane James and Roy Johnson.  Second Row: Gene Ketchem and Ann Kirkpatrick.  Third Row: Marlene Klein and Margaret Koenigsfeld.  Fourth Row: Richard Krech and Rosalie Krewson.  Fifth Row: Gary Ladon and Virginia Light.

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BHS Basketball – 1991

Front row, left to right: Andy Gorman, Brian Mays, Kevin Kullum, Tyrone Dean, Kendrick Robinson.  Back Row: Coach Sam Davis, Murray Inman, Matthew McClure, Ray Molett, Robert Schott, Cornell Baker.

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Jr/Sr Prom 1987

Clockwise from lower left: Lori Simmons, Paul Young, Laura Buerkle, Mike Ralphs, Brad Kapfer, Jim Holland, Janiece Miller.  In the middle: Michelle Perkins.

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BHS Seniors – 1949 (Part 2)

First Row: Virginia Bennett, Norma Breitenstein.  Second Row: Louise Bitto, Patty Brooks.  Third Row: Elwyn Chapman, Martha Dederick.  Fourth Row: Betty Deimeke, Donald Dunham.  Fifth Row: Carol Elam, Donald Emerson.

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BHS Seniors – 1949


Top row: Shirley Eoff, Pat Evans.  Second Row: Jerry Farrar, Charles Hall.  Third Row: Peggy Hill, Gloria Holland.  Fourth Row: Lloyd Holmes, Opal Hooten.  Fifth Row: Lloyd Horstman, Richard Hounsom.

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BHS Girls Basketball Team – 1946


Left to right, Front Row: Jean Schuch, Arden Mueller, Caryl Brunotte, Polly Feiser, Mildred Kirby.  Row two: Joyce Wahlbrink, Jean Bruning, Marianna Magner, Martha Hounsom.  Back Row: Rosemarie Schwiezer, Virginia Walsh, Shirley Schall, Mrs. Ryan.

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BHS Football – 1979

Left to right: First Row, Buddy Howe, Jeff Moore, Terry Delgado, Carlo Marconi, D’Andre Strong, Rob Herrick, Phil Thompson, Mark Lombardo, Darrel Carr.  Second Row, Jim Featherston, Ken Jones, John Tolish, Scott Surgener, Steve Dayton, Kevin Meyers, Steve Suntrup.  Third Row, Steve Sutterer, John Ganahl, Rob Moore, Andy Lowe, Paul Janeway, Geri Moreno, Scott Oppelt, Pete Kelly.  Fourth Row, Kevin Zayas, Todd Espey, Vincent Young, Allen Scales, Craig Reed, Tim Langan, Mike Jones, Darrell Smith. (Click on the picture for close-up)

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